ChongQing Charming Motorcycle Manufacture Co.,Ltd.

     Add: Area B, Luohuang Industrial Zone, Chonqing City, China

     Tel: 0086-023-47632348

     Fax: 0086-023-47607891

     Website:    (electric motorcycle)

     Website:  (gasoline motorcycle)


Sales director:  Mr.Chen



Europe Export Manager:  Mr.Peter Zou


     Whatsapp: 0086 -15000852413

     Wechat: 610672217

     Mobile: 0086 -131 2235 8895

Welcome to visit our factory in Chongqing city,China!

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CHAMP33, EV-33, Champ Motor and Charming Motor are partnership and approved Chinese OEM factory by China Nihao Motor Alliance Group

which represents manufacturer of 

‘High Quality, Low Cost’

100% electric motorcycle factory 

High quality, Low cost

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