Promotional Material


1)     CHAMP 33 will give you T shirt FREE based on 40HQ container order


2) We can also help you to make other items such as Baseball cap, Polo, Not book, Key chain, and other dealer gift!

3) Other material includes Flag, Sticker, Umbrella, etc.



With the support by Nihao Motor, Champ motor can offer you necessary accessory such as,

 scooter box, motorcycle tail box, top case, summer helmet, open face helmet with retro style.

Any special item requirement, please send us to 

Ms. Katia by email:

Put Your Logo on Package


--Your logo can be put on the 4 side of carton box.

--You can also send special design.

Put Your Logo On Vehicle


CHAMP Motor 2 models Star 1000, Star 1200, Sport electric motorcycle made by Chonqing Charming Motorcycle Manufacturer Co.Ltd and partnership with China Nihao Motor which represent the product of High quality, Low cost!

Our Philosophy is

‘to be your reliable & trustable factory in China’.

Any ODM,OEM cooperation will be welcomed.


Position 1) Your logo on Motor

Position 2) Your logo Body plastic

Position 3) You can give a name here


Color Option



1)     Besides listed color code, HAMP 33 (CHAMP Motor, Charming motor) offers more than 100 color option as you can click to see the video. 


2) Mixing colour we accept 1*20GP max. 2 colors. 1*40HQ max 3 colors.

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