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Shanghai Bike show is the biggest bicycle show in the world. More and more EV are join in the exhibition.

Mr.Zhou Changming, boss of Charming motor will explain how and why we develop the patent of central motor with mechincal shift system.

Mr.Peter Zou, export manager for European market willl care all of your orders,QC and after sale service

Why mid-drive motor with 4-gear shift? Through this video you can see how strong the climbing ability of Star.

Why mid-drive motor with 4-gear shift? This video will answer you by sport riding! You can get same peformance as Racing Gasoline bike!

CHAMP33 (CHAMP motor,Charming motor) is highly concerntrate on quality control. OEM your brand is acceptable.

CHAMP33 (CHAMP motor,Charming motor) electric motorcycle gallery. All with mid-drive motor and 4-gear shift. 1) Star 2) City 3) Cub

Live video shows 360 drgee of Star. You can see detail design and quality,speedometer,light,switch,etc

This video will instruct exactly how to run the electric mode mixing 4 gear mechnical shift system.

Follow Mr.Peter to visit our factory. And welcome to our city, Chong Qing,China! Hot pot is waiting for you!

EICMA Milan fair is the biggest international motorcycle show. Star attracted many visitors for such 100% sport electric vehicle.

Beautiful Ms.Micky shows  beautiful Star on EICMA Milan fair.Dealers show big interests on it's unique mid drive motor with 4-gear shift.

EICMA Milan Motor Fair Photo Gallery